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Everything in this world has a design. The trained eyes can unravel the mysteries of this world. No leaf falls without a plan. There is a design that we all follow right from the time of our birth until we die. There is a pattern in our lives. Ever wondered why things are always happening in a certain way in your life. Are you bogged down with questions like “why me?” The answers were always there for the keen eyes to see. But are you ready to see them for yourself?

You can exit now or you may enter the world of NADI ASTROLOGY and check for yourself what lies in store. Kundlisoft interprets the mathematical combinations of any event based on the astral and natal calculations of Nadi astrology. Nadi astrology is a less hyped but much accurate arm of astrology that is based not on mythology but mathematical calculations. This arm of astrology has been used by saints themselves but as a science it was staring at a bleak future because of the frauds and fakes in the market.

While we were amazed at the accuracy and simplicity of this science we were appalled at the treachery going on in its name. In our sincere efforts to reintroduce the world to our heritage we have made Kundlisoft not only contemporary and uniquely simple to understand; we have also kept it free to use for everyone because we believe that knowledge can only be shared and not sold. Now that you have the tool, use it wisely and be amazed.

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The Chariot symbolizes enthusiasm, competitiveness, and triumph. Success and victory are achieved by employing all powers at one’s disposal - physical, spiritual.

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